Making the Income Tax Fair

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Well tax season is here once again and we have been hearing a lot about the need to make the income tax system more fair and equitable.

We couldn’t help but overhear a woman’s conversation the other day on the subject matter:

“Did you know that Mr. So-and-so’s tax refund was ten thousand dollars!? He doesn’t claim much of his business income but he claims all of his children, can you believe that!? It’s just not fair – that’s exactly what’s wrong with America!”

And that got us to thinking – maybe she is right.

Maybe we do need a more fair income tax.

After all, some people only pay 15% but some people pay 25% and even others pay 35%! And some corporations don’t even pay 10%!

You know what, we agree with our angry woman. We do need to have a more fair income tax!

We think the tax system should be structured based on our American heritage. Our income tax should foster liberty and justice for all. This is the land of the free, is it not?

Our income tax should make sure that every single American shoulders an equal burden, especially the rich! And our income tax should make sure that corporations pay the same amount as people!

Yes, dear friend, having thought it over more we are one hundred percent on board with a fair income tax.

Now we are not sure what our inspirational angry woman had in mind to make taxes more equitable, but we have thought of a pretty good solution.

Get rid of the income tax completely. Make it 0%.

Now it’s fair!

And now it’s modeled after our American founding principles. How can a man be free if he is not allowed to keep the fruits of his labor?

What’s that you say? How will we pay for all of our government operations?

Easy – we won’t. And we shouldn’t.

Oh, and it’s not ‘our’ government. If it were ours then we would be the boss. Instead, the government tags and monitors all of us at all times.

Mr. So-and-so has the right idea.

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  1. I love your cute little bubble guy with the heavy tax on his back. Is it copy write or could i use it as a photo on my face book to make people smile.

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