Zenconomics attempts to illustrate integrity in its truest form.

Not integrity in terms of an objective set of values or principles; rather, integrity in terms of wholeness and completeness.

We believe wellness is comprehensive consisting of physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health. These are all integral parts of an individual’s well-being and a deficiency in any area will leave one out of balance.

We also believe wellness is a choice.

To choose wellness is to choose understanding. Physical health requires an understanding of the body; mental health requires an understanding of the mind; spiritual health requires an understanding of the spirit; financial health requires an understanding of the economy.

The name ‘Zenconomics’ was coined in an attempt to illustrate the inter-connectivity of physical, mental, and spiritual health with philosophy, finance, and economics in an open-ended fashion. Our goal is simply to blend Mindfulness with practical self-reliance so as to strengthen the synergy between body, mind, and spirit.

Please see our manifesto for a more detailed overview of our convictions.

Please feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions.

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