The Individual is Rising – Third Edition

The Individual is Rising

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Journal of a Wayward Philosopher
The Individual is Rising – Third Edition

November 18, 2016
Hot Springs, VA

Dear Journal,

A specter is haunting the modern world…

Society has undergone a massive change over the past several decades – the type of change from which there is no return. This change has been the transition from the Industrial Age to the Information Age; a transition which is still in its infancy. Most people may not know this yet, but they can feel it.

The rules have changed, and many are rapidly falling behind because they still cling to the old paradigm. Yet a world of opportunity awaits those who understand what is taking place.

Never before has information been more prevalent.

Never before have people been able to connect with one another instantaneously on a global scale to communicate, collaborate, organize, and share ideas.

Never before have people been able to ditch their job and make tons of money right from the comforts of their own home office.

Never before have people been able to build and manage a global asset portfolio from anywhere in the world, using the same research that was previously reserved for only the wealthiest of the wealthy.

Never before have people had at their fingertips all of the tools they needed to build a custom-tailored life of freedom, wealth, and fulfillment in which they and they alone chose where they lived, what they did, and who they interacted with on a daily basis.

Never before has Financial Escape Velocity been available to any who would seek it…

The Individual is RisingAre you ready to discover what most have missed? Are you ready to see the opportunities staring you right in the face? Are you ready to break free of the industrial rat-race and achieve the financial success you need to live a life of true freedom? Are you ready to learn how average people are doing just that on a daily basis?

Are you ready to find out how The Individual is Risingabsolutely free?

What You Will Learn:

Though still an infant, the Information Age is here, and we are living within its early stages. There is no going back.

The institutional foundation of the industrial world is crumbling all around us. Governments are broke. Social welfare programs are severely underfunded. Unions are broke. Pension plans are underfunded. National currencies have been trashed. Blue-collar jobs in the developed world have been lost to low-wage countries. Low-wage jobs have been lost to robotics and automation. Many of the jobs just disappeared entirely. Everyone’s retirement account is propped up by the constant creation of money out of thin air required to keep the financial markets afloat.

Welcome to the Information Age!

In truth, these are all great things. The seeds of a second Renaissance for human civilization have already been sown. It is a Renaissance based on decentralization, voluntary association, markets, enterprise, commerce, distributed systems, participatory networks, and individual self-empowerment. All of these things are already flourishing in small pockets.

Read on to find out why… the individual is rising.

Here is what you will be able to do after reading The Individual is Rising: 3rd Edition:

  • Understand how the monetary system evolved over the last century to pave the way for mass centralization
  • Analyze the greatest Ponzi scheme ever attempted… and what happens when it implodes
  • Assess the prominent macroeconomic trends unfolding in real time… and envision what they mean for the global financial system
  • Examine how Industrial Age solutions have morphed into Information Age problems
  • Discover why the conventional road to success is now a dead end
  • Assess a practical vision for education in the digital age
  • Learn why the institutional foundations of the industrial world are crumbling all around us
  • Envision the future of money, commerce, and jobs… and how to capitalize on those trends
  • Implement a portfolio of Information Age tips and tricks, including how to secure your digital communications
  • Understand how the digital economy is facilitating decentralization and a new opportunity for individual liberty
  • Learn how to use asset allocation to build an antifragile investment portfolio
  • Learn how to build and manage an equity portfolio, including the three most important risk management techniques
  • Learn how to build a position in Bitcoin utilizing proper good practices and risk management
  • Learn how to drive returns with a focused trends-investing strategy called the Beta Investment Strategy
  • Learn how to automate income and asset growth to achieve Financial Escape Velocity
  • Utilize the Infinite Banking Concept to shatter the industrial world’s glass ceiling
  • Discover the two fundamental means of acquiring wealth
  • Implement a generational financial strategy capable of financing your child’s education with no student loans or bank loans necessary
  • Internalize strategies to be more self reliant than 99% of the population
  • Analyze how distributed Gamma systems are rendering centralized civil service functions obsolete
  • Discover how the Crypto Revolution is set to liberate trillions worth of dead capital within the global economy and spark a second Renaissance
  • Break free of the industrial rat-race and teach your friends and family how to thrive in the Information Age!

Claim your copy today at and learn everything you need to know to transcend the industrial order and prosper in the digital age!

If you have read an earlier edition, the 3rd edition has been updated, expanded, and re-focused. I think both the tone and the focus are materially different in this edition. Also, this edition presents far more actionable information, tools, and strategies that anyone can adopt as their own.

Like the earlier editions, this book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle format, but I want to offer the digital copy to Journal readers as a free download.

If you prefer the convenience of your Kindle app, we will be publishing the book on the Kindle platform for 99 cents… almost free!

If you have any problems with the download, or if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please feel free to reach out to me. I will answer all emails personally.

Again, claim your copy at:

Thank you for your continued interest in my work, and have a lovely weekend!

More to come,





Joe Withrow
Wayward Philosopher

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  1. Weber’s analysis helps bridge the gap between the large structures of society and individual social action and interaction. Weber argued that sociologists can develop an understanding of actions of individuals and groups, and thereby of historical processes. Weber described this as

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