The Beauty of Language

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Language is the means of communicating thoughts and ideas.

Thoughts and ideas have the power to shape the world.

Therefore, language has the power to shape the world.

Language is both powerful and beautiful; it is the means to meaning and truth. It is language that has changed the world over and over again. Without language, the Bible is meaningless. The Torah is meaningless. The Qur’an is meaningless. The Mahayana Sutras are meaningless. The Upanishads are meaningless. The Magna Carta is meaningless. The Declaration of Independence is meaningless.

Language is constructed of words and words are the expression of thoughts.

Thoughts are powerful entities; they are not abstractions. There is a very specific electrical reaction that takes place when you create a thought within your mind and this electrical reaction creates energy in some capacity. We cannot explain this electrical reaction as we do not know how it works. But we do know that it takes place. So it follows then that thoughts are energy in some capacity. And the laws of physics state that energy cannot be created nor destroyed rather it can only change forms. So it follows further then that the process of thinking is the process of transforming existing energy into your own unique thoughts. Your own unique thoughts become energy in a new form and the thought energy exists until it is transformed once again. And a powerful way to harness that thought energy is to convert it into language – either verbal or written.

We say all of that to say this: our observations suggest that language is used very carelessly in our culture today. If you understand the power of language then you understand the responsibility that you have to use words in a meaningful way. You understand that language should not be used to harm or mislead another. And you understand that language can be used to change your stars.

The most important language comes from that tiny voice in your head. Make sure that little voice in your head is constantly using language that uplifts and inspires you. Your world will also be uplifting and inspiring if it does.

It’s a funny thing; the events in your life mirror your thoughts. Master your thoughts and you will master your world. And in order to master your thoughts you have to master your control of language.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed your Language article. As a writer, I love language and its influence on ourselves and others. The words in music communicates our culture and spirit. When we communicate our thought verbally and in writing, we share what we are thinking. Keep up the great writing and sharing your thoughts through your “language” within articles.

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