Zenconomics Report

zenconomics report

The Zenconomics Report is a monthly publication covering money, markets, and finance from a big-picture perspective. Our goal is to deliver actionable information that you can use to position your finances to thrive and prosper in the digital age.

The digital age has made information nearly free for everyone with an internet connection, but this created an unforeseen problem. With the flood gates of information open, how do you know what information is good and what information is not so good?

The ability to ‘sift’ and ‘aggregate’ information becomes all-important within this paradigm, and that’s where the Zenconomics Report comes in.

We are monitoring the markets all day, every day. We watch the developing public narratives as they come to fruition, and we assess how these narratives factor into the big picture. More importantly, we diligently evaluate thousands of dollars worth of financial analysis – more than ten premium financial publications in total – on a routine basis.

This gives us a unique perspective on what is actually taking place within the financial markets, and indeed within the financial system itself. This gives us the ability to cover market updates as they occur, remain abreast of prominent events in the financial markets, keep pace with the continued evolution of monetary policy, and ultimately develop a targeted strategy for positioning our finances to benefit from developing macroeconomic trends.

And we will share our thoughts on all of this with you for free.

We also track a small portfolio of stocks according to our Beta Investment Strategy. Our model portfolio comes complete with entry prices, stop losses, and monthly updates. In conjunction with some additional strategies covered in the Zenconomics Report, we think anyone can leverage our research to build a small fortune over the next 3-5 years.

The Zenconomics Report is 100% independent, and all opinions are our own. We are in a position to process huge amounts of financial and economic information, and we analyze this data in light of our understanding of Austrian free market economics. What comes out the other side, we think, is a logical and practical perspective that can give you a leg-up in structuring your own finances and affairs to be ahead of the curve.

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Assess, Mitigate, Implement, and Prosper is a report detailing the concept and implementation of asset allocation.

The Zenconomics Guide to the Information Age is a 28 page report covering money, commerce, jobs, Bitcoin wallets, peer-to-peer lending, Open Bazaar, freelancing, educational resources, mutual aid societies, the Infinite Banking Concept, peer-to-peer travel, Internet privacy, and numerous other Information Age tips and tricks with an eye on the future.

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